Alumni Association

Living together in a boarding school community has a life-long impact on individuals and binds them together as alumni for a lifetime.

The alumni association is a close network of former Landheim students and former employees. The association’s purpose is to establish and encourage meaningful contact between alumni and the Landheim. A representative of the association is a voting member of the school’s advisory council. The current chairman is Dr. Christian Neglein. Currently this network has approximately 600 members.

According to the charter from 1971, the association’s purpose is the encouragement of secondary education through visionary and financial support of the foundation Landheim Schondorf and all of its entities in the carrying out of its principle responsibilities.

Member contributions in the form of time and monetary and material donations support the foundation’s non-profit aims and its current students from year to year. Additionally, the alumni association supports students in career networking both in Germany and abroad.

Moreover, the alumni association encourages active contact among former students and with the Landheim.  The alumni association not only organizes regular on-campus reunions, but also invites alumni to attend regional meetings through the organization’s regional branches. Every other year a large homecoming takes place at the end of the school year.

If you have any questions regarding the association’s work or wish to establish contact with alumni, the chairman will be happy to assist you.

For administrative queries, for example regarding addresses, changes, account and donation information, etc. please contact Ms Henriette von La Chevallerie.

"Once a Landheimer, always a Landheimer. You'll keep those positive, fond and grateful memories of this community forever."

Stephanie Kaak, Alumna