30.09.2017 | Christina Ingerfurth

Maths plus

Enrichment- and Basic-Courses at the Learning Center

Within this week our new offers on maths started.

Mr. Taghezagedan will lecture the course "Mathe-Knobeln" for grade 5 to 7, and "Mathe-Plus" for grade 8 to 10. Within this Enrichment-Course gifted students will be given the opportunity to explore their personal passion for the different dimensions the subject mathematics has to offer.

Mr. Böhmer will lecture a mathematics basic course for grade 8 to 10, Ms. Freundl for grade 7 to 8. The aim of these basic courses are the support of our students that failed the math section in the diagnosis test. 

This rounds off this years Learning-Center-Concept which is centered around the strengths and weaknesses of your children.