Scholarships aren’t distributed randomly, but rather are the reward for a student’s outstanding achievement and high commitment to academics, social service and extra-curricular activities. Thanks to the Landheim foundation, we are in a position to honor such achievement with partial scholarships for one academic year.

First, we offer merit scholarships for students in grades two to twelve. Our goal is to enable particularly talented, motivated and dedicated students to attend boarding school. Secondly, each year we grant need-based financial aid to students in grades one to twelve. Our aim is to offer students an outstanding education regardless of their families’ financial means.

The foundation deliberately grants a higher number of partial scholarships, rather than full scholarships, in order to maximize the number of students who receive financial assistance and can thereby take advantage of the Landheim’s excellent educational opportunities. Students receiving aid are required annually to renew their applications for financial assistance.

"Once a Landheimer, always a Landheimer. You'll keep those positive, fond and grateful memories of this community forever."

Stephanie Kaak, Alumna