Audio-visual media such as audio books and DVDs, as well as daily newspapers and news magazines complement this inventory. In addition, we offer our studentswish lists to propose new purchases. Regular topics round off the range of information offered and promote in students an interest in reading.

The library serves not only as a placefor research and examination preparation but as a retreat for students as well. We have separate relaxation and work areas set up, such as for group work and the preparation of presentations. In addition to a wireless connection, fixed computer workstations are available for work and research purposes.

To promote the information literacy of students our two librarians offer introductory courses for all ages about working with the library. For the scientific research, we offer access to external databases. With the library and upper level student center there are a variety of offerings for our students with alternative learning strategies.

The inventory of the library can be found online via the OPAC.


"Landheim Schondorf is an oasis for all kinds of qualifications - it teaches to have fun in school and how to become adept for the future."

Prof. Dr. Dr. Manuel René Theisen, Alumnus