Mentor Groups

A mentor group usually consists of eight teenagers and a teacher or educator who come together at the beginning of the school year. The group spends a lot of time together at lunch, on Monday evenings, at the fall hiking trip, or the weekend retreat at our property in Uffing.

Joint activities with fun and enjoyment are at the forefront of the Mentor group, but the young people have to learn to get in touch with other interests, to express their viewpoints or even to accept majority decisions. In many groups, a strong community that stays together over the years develops. The faculty mentors hold students to given standards, which forms a binding framework within the group.

Previous projects which have been carried out:

  • Organization of a Landheim Dodgeball Championship
  • Design of Weiglhaus garden, the Fountain Court and other areas
  • Volunteering at a nursing home Greifenberg
  • Cooking workshops with several Mentor groups
  • Organization of cultural events
  • Various donation drives
  • Football matches and sporting events
  • And much more ...

For specific information please contact the appropriate mentor, or for general information our head of the boarding school, Mr. Öhlerking, is happy to help.

"I found new role models at Landheim - a key experience."

Dr. Axel Cronauer, Altlandheimer