Ernst Reisinger School

In addition to an outstanding academic program, the school boasts a comprehensive form of education, which prepares students for the professional demands of the future in a global context. Personal responsibility, the ability to work in a team, and mastering the use of modern information technology are treated as essential qualifications for a successful future career.

Students take on an active and central role in the classroom. They learn to study and to act independently and to support and assist teachers in designing lessons and creating an effective learning environment. Independent, practical learning in small groups, joint projects, excursions and internships are all core components of our pedagogical model. Professional career counseling and the opportunity to gain practical experience on an international level round off and complete our educational package. For further queries regarding the Ernst Reisinger School, please contact the admissions office.


    Sequence of foreign languages
Grade 8

Languages branch*:
3rd foreign language Spanish or French


Economics branch*:
Economicst & Law and Business Informatics

Grade 6 2nd foreign language French or Latin
Grade 5 1st foreign language English

* Students coming to Landheim from other branches receive additional lessons to make up potential deficits in topics and competencies. International students may have their native language count as their second foreign language. Please inquire for more details.

Ernst Reisinger School

"I found new role models at Landheim - a key experience."

Dr. Axel Cronauer, Altlandheimer