Julius Lohmann School

We recognize the potential of each individual and support all of our students on the way to finding the best possible, individualized course of study. The Julius Lohmann School focuses on the school’s economics branch, offering the foreign languages of English, beginning in fifth grade, and French, from sixth grade onward. Our curriculum is designed in accordance with the state-endorsed (G8) curriculum.  In grades 11 and 12 we offer our students an individual and focused preparation for the Abitur, which qualifies for university entrance. Our open learning and teaching methods are supplemented by a modular course program.

The main difference to the state-accredited school system lies in the structure and design of the lessons. In classes of no more than twelve students we pay particular attention to the individual working tempo and learning style of each student. In accordance with our foundation’s ideals, we prioritize experiential learning and seek to make each of our students into effective independent learners. Therefore, we have reduced the curricular content of traditional school subjects and have designed a more basic curriculum, while offering students a multitude of diverse opportunities to achieve their goals and measure their academic progress. Such evaluation methods include portfolios, learning journals, term projects, and various other assignments. At the end of each semester the student’s progress is evaluated in the form of extensive, differentiated teacher reports.

For further queries regarding the pedagogical approach of the Julius Lohmann School, please contact the admissions office.


School Certificates and Foreign Languages
Grade 12 University-entrance Diploma (Abitur)
Grade 10 Secondary School Level I Certificate (Mittlere Reife)
Grade 9 Lower Secondary School Certificate(Qualifizierender Mittelschulabschluss)
Grade 8 Economics branch
Grade 6 2nd foreign language French
Grade 5 1st foreign language English

Julius Lohmann School

"Landheim Schondorf is an oasis for all kinds of qualifications - it teaches to have fun in school and how to become adept for the future."

Prof. Dr. Dr. Manuel René Theisen, Alumnus