Elementary School

What sets our new primary school apart is that, in addition to the holistic Landheim pedagogical approach, we promote internationalism. In addition to the well-founded Bavarian primary education, the focus is on learning English, as a second language, in the classroom and during leisure time. Modeled after the integrative language learning approach, each day, one subject is taught in a team teaching method with native speakers.

With our two schools, it is possible for your child to advance to the 5th grade in a familiar environment with or withoutqualifying4thgrade transfer results. At Landheim, we foster an open atmosphere and we offer students various learning opportunities. Central to our values are experimentation, research, knowledge, and seeking creative solutions. It is not just about the accumulation of academic knowledge. We want to give our students action-oriented skills that will enable them to autonomously navigate in a globalized world.

Since 1995, Landheim Schondorf has offered a boarding primary school in cooperation with the local primary school and thus looks back on many years of experience in primary education. For further queries regarding the Elementary School, please contact the admission office.

Elementary School

"Different subjects and their essence were applied everywhere, not just in class. These experiences and the surroundings shaped our personalities and made us become strong individuals in a circle of valuable friends."

Anita B. Gentzke, Alumna